Selected Appearances

economics in the us

  • Southern Economic Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, “A Citation Analysis Blueprint,” (Nov. 17, 1990) (with G. Durden).
  • Southern Regional Science Meetings, New Orleans, Louisiana: Session Chairperson and Discussant, “Social and Economic Dimensions of Changes in Energy Demand.” (March 8, 1986).
  • American Economic Association, Denver, Colorado, “The Winner’s Curse: Ex Ante and Ex post Yields on OCS Investment, (Sept. 5, 1980) (with Mack Ott).
  • Public Choice Society, New Orleans, Louisiana, “The Impact of Political Horizons on Voting Behavior in the U.S. Senate,” (March 5, 1978) (with Thomas Deaton).
  • American Economic Association, New York, New York, and Southern Economic Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, “Outer Continental Shelf Lease Sales, Consortia Formation, and Bidding Behavior: An Application of the Theory of Risk Aversion,” (Dec. 30 and Nov. 11, 1977) (with Mack Ott).
  • Conference on Energy Self-Sufficiency in Canada, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, “Forecasting U.S. Crude Oil Supply Under Alternative Tax and Regulatory Schemes,” (October 12, 1975) (with E. W. Erickson).
  • Brookings Panel on Economic Activity, Washington, D.C., “Energy Policy and the Depletion Allowance,” (September 12, 1974) (with E. W. Erickson and R. M. Spann).
  • Southern Appalachian Regional Conference, Boone, North Carolina, “Competition in the Petroleum Industry,” (April 21, 1974) (published in Conference Proceedings.